We've Done It!

Our smallest, lightest, most aerodynamic and most versatile set of action sports microphones. Field tested around the globe and designed specifically for GoPro Hero 3 and 4.

Oh! Almost forgot. They look like a monkey’s nuts, but don’t go googling that. Just buy some!

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World's First and Patent Pending

Wearable, ruggedized, 3D binaural microphone array for GoPro

monkey nuts assembly view

Wind Suppression

Extreme wind suppression build right in. Dual density acoustic foam dome covered in a high grade faux fur.

Made Extreme

Tested by some hardcore folks. Made of bad ass stuff and assembled by hand in the USA!

Goes where you go!

So small and lightweight, they can mount to your helmet, goggles, bike or even directly on your GoPro

End Bad Action Sports Audio!

The video quality of modern action sports cameras like GoPro, Sony and Contour have truly advanced.  Unfortunately – the audio experience has been severely lacking. We are simply tired of the action sports audio that sucks! Its so bad in fact that most action spors videos don’t use any of the recorded audio and simply replace it with a music sound track. Completely ignoring the audio and delivering a sub par and bland experience.  We’ve set out to change that!
It would take some serious nuts to say we’ve got the World’s Best Action Sports Microphones. Well we do, and coincidentally – they actually ended up looking a lot like monkey nuts. Go figure!


You be the judge. Put some headphones on and have a listen.

The Best Deal in Action Sports Microphones. Period

The Best Deal in Action Sports Microphones. Period

There are not your Dad’s cheap lapel mics. These are hardcore binaural stero microphones with built in wind suppression that can mount anywhere. Yeah. These things don’t exist anywhere else. They are right here.. behind this cool orange button. So go press it already… seriously. Your GoPro will thank you.

Get a pair!

What you get!

Our fans spoke! We listened. This kit includes everything you need to record awesome audio is almost any situation.

Field tested, military born, hand assembled and brought to you at almost cost.

  • Medium speed dual density acoustic foam dome.
  • High speed deadcat faux fur cover.
  • High grade MOGAMI® audio cables.
  •  3.5mm version for DSLR connectivity and GoPro with adapter

Universal mic adapter?  What?  That’s right… we’re throwing in a set of our mic adapters which let you mount them nearly anywhere.  Magnetic microphone mount with anti-slip surface gives you the best of both worlds.  A must for every field recording engineer.

We want these mics to go more places than you.  So we’re including 2 pairs of 3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable  Fasteners and 2 cable management pads.  Try some of these mounting ideas.

  • On the frame case itself.  For the perfect selfie stick.
  • On your car’s rear view mirror.
  • On your helmet.
  • On your motorcycle gas tank.
  • On your gun.

Monkey Nuts in the Wild!

The uses are limitless

“I do declare these to be the most amazing microphones for GoPro ever invented!”

Sir Moody



“Who’s nuts are those?”


“4 out of 5 stock photos monkeys agree – you need these monkey nuts.”