Hey bro – this isn’t your teacher’s lapel mic.  This testosterone filled tool is a wearable extreme action sports microphone array that makes your actions sports video sound AWESOME.  Never again do you have to ditch the audio track and dig around for a music track to replace it with.

Through patent pending technology v.1 delivers crisp, clear realistic sound recording under the most extreme situations.  If that wasn’t enough – when played back through normal headphones – the 3D positional audio experience will blow your mind.  The nerds call it “binaural recording”  – we call it “incredible”.

Whether its the screams of a first time sky diver or the screams of the crowd below – Immortal Mics makes sure the audio experience isn’t ignored.

Countless hours of field testing has lead us here.   Many thanks go out to all of our testers / riders / skaters / bmx’er / operators / specialists / audio engineers.  You know who you are and you are appreciated.

Take a listen.  No audio was touched/edited in any way.  It wasn’t even normalized.  We did however splice scenes together and add an overlay.  What you hear is straight off of a GoPro Hero4 with a skeleton case.  (GoPro recommends the skeleton case for best audio as its open).

Born out of a military background – Immortal Mics – shine when everything around you gets dicey.   Hear the footsteps of someone chasing you.  Hear the leaves crush underneath your footsteps.

Got LOUD sounds.  Say gun-fire?  We got you covered.  Not only are our GoPro microphones built for high fidelity and clarity – they are designed extreme.

Pay careful attention.  Not only can you hear the loud burst noised from gun fire – but just a second later you hear the spent round (the brass) hit the leaves below.  This is un-heard of before.

Here is a hands on look of our latest prototypes.  We continually improve our products, through field testing and feedback so the production models may differ slightly.  This will give you a good idea of what comes with an Immortal Mics kit and how we use them.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.