Frequently Asked Questions

and some less frequent...
What comes in the box?

Monkey Nuts with GoPro connectivity gets you the Action Microphone set with integrated mini USB, GoPro frame case with bolt and mount, extra Dual Lock tabs, wire wrap, and Immortal Mics vinyls.

Monkey Nuts with 3.5mm connectivity kit gets you the Action Microphone set with 3.5mm TRS connector (super high quality), extra Dual Lock tabs, wire wrap, and Immortal Mics vinyls.

Left Nut 3.5mm is a mono version of the Action Microphone set with 3.5mm TRS connector shipped with extra Dual Lock tabs, wire wrap, Immortal Mics vinyls, and Stuck Nut universal mic mount.

Left Nut Mobile is a mono version of the Action Microphone set with 3.5mm TRRS connector shipped with extra Dual Lock tabs, wire wrap, Immortal Mics vinyls, and Stuck Nut universal mic mount.


What does it plug into?

Quite simply, the GoPro set connects to a GoPro and 3.5mm connects to every other action camera and audio recording device.  The Left Nut Mobile connects to most major cell phones (Samsung and Apple).

Do I need any special equipment to hear binaural?

Nope.  Quite simply, you just need a good old fashioned pair of headphones and two ears; that’s it!  That is what’s so wonderful and immersive about binaural audio.

Do I need to do anything special to the audio after I record it?

In most “normal” action sports cases you shouldn’t have to do anything.  Our athletes barrel down hills at 60mph and we barely hear a wimper from the mics.  However, should you be every so crazy and find yourself in more menacing environments, adding a high pass filter will help take out any low end rumble.

If you record your audio into a portable handheld audio recorder, then you may need to adjust or normalize your audio level output depending on what incoming gain settings were used.

Remember… great audio starts with microphone positioning.  Remember, mics (the furry end) like to parallel to high speed wind if possible.

What does the audio sound like without headphones?

Awesome.  Check out our videos, then grab a pair.

What is the plug-in power specification for the mics?

Immoral Mics can operate between 1V and 10V input voltage which is just about every compatible DSLR and all the major action cams (GoPro, Sony, Midland, Contour, etc.), and portable recorders.

Do not feed them Phantom Power (+48VDC) please!  Plug-in power only.

What is the mic's sensitivity?

The sensitivity is -35 ± 2dB, 70db SNR, 15hz – 16kHz.  Just know that we found the sweet spot for action recording.  Too high in sensitivity produced terrible results and too low lost the dynamics we were looking for.  These… are just right.

What is the operating temperature of the Immortal Mics?

The operating temperature is -30C to +60C (-22F to 140F).

Hey... when I'm connected to GoPro I hear weird sound periodically... what gives?

Let’s face it…  the GoPro audio circuitry was not designed for high fidelity audio capturing.  That being said, our mics are the best you’ll hear with GoPro hands down and clearly shows why everyone should be using an external mic like Monkey Nuts.

GoPro’s power supply consists of a high speed switching regulator that injects noise and unwanted artifacts on the microphone input line that is only noticed in super quiet conditions.  It is a design trade-off that increases our battery life.  It does this for all brands of external microphones.  However… these are Action mics and fortunately this sound is not heard when audio events are happening i.e. SOUND.

We have observed in our testing that this noise is not present in every GoPro (we have several), but if you find that you hear slight noise in super quiet setting then try recording in a different resolution.  This action makes a difference.

Why the long lead time?

We have a decent stock of material built up, but we do get slammed sometimes between production runs and need a little time to hand craft your mics.  We generally ship the same day in most cases, but if we are unable to ship immediately we’ll send you a note to let you know when to expect them.

So... where are these built?

Your mics are built in Atlanta, GA from materials produced in the great US of A.  We even have Brandon personally hand shaving each Monkey Nut.  Since they are handcrafted, you may find slight variations in each unit.

What about Quality?

We stand by our product and we know that you expect a lot from us.  If you aren’t happy, then we aren’t happy and we’ll make it right.  Got a question?  Feel free to reach out.  We personally respond to each inquiry and will help you in each and every recording situation.

Each microphone set is tested at two points in the production process ensuring that they exceed our quality standards.  We’ve made a living ensuring quality and reliability and that is what we are aiming to do here.

Regarding reliability testing, we have each element tested at 70C, -25C, 90% humidity, vibration, drop test, and temperature cycle.  We also have a battery of internal quality testing involving our wind tunnel.

What is Stuck Nut?

Ah… now that is the right question.  This is another one of innovations that happens to be rather simple.  But hey… simple is good.

Think of Stuck Nut as a crazy unicorn sandwich (I said crazy didn’t I).  It has Dual Lock on one side, magnetic material in the middle, and super secret wonderful happy sticky stuff on the other side.  So.. you connect the Dual Lock side to the Monkey Nuts or Left Nut and then you can stick your microphone anywhere.  I mean anywhere, like old guitars, windows, cars, walls, light switch plates, fridges, phones, glasses.  Anything.  Well dog hair is tough, but I am sure it would do it if it wanted to.

If you are using your Monkey Nuts or Left Nut as a better-than lavalier mic, then you can use the included magnet to stick your mic to clothing or anything else you can think of.  You can even get better positioning for the sound because you have the power of magnets baby.  Maaagggnneeetttssss!!!!!