If its worth doing... its worth recording!

Through the advancements of GoPro and Sony – actions sports videos have gotten pretty incredible.  Unfortunately – the audio experience has been severely lacking.  We are simply tired of the action sports audio that sucks!  Its so bad in fact that most action sports videos don’t use any of the recorded audio and simply replace it with a music sound track.  Completely ignoring the audio and delivering a sub par and bland experience.  With your help –  Immortal Mics can change that!

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gopro microphone

World's First

Wearable microphone array for action sports.  Works with your GoPro or Sony Action Cameras among many others.

gopro microphone

Patent Pending

By recording the same way you hear – the playback is 3d and immersive.  The audiophile term is binaural.  We call it incredible.

Made Extreme

Only the highest quality microphones, materials and even magnetically attached wind dampening options.  O yeah!

gopro external microphone

Goes where you do

Current mounting options adhesive mount to your helmet or attach to your google straps.  If you can attach your camera, then you can attach these bad boys.

Comparison Videos

BMX – Hero 4 Black vs Immortal P1

Just a day in the park.

Skateboarding – Hero 4 Black vs Immortal P1

Random GoPro Microphones Footage

3D binaural GoPro Hero 4 Black microphone footage.

Immortal Mics – Product

See what you get. This is the 3D Printed prototype – the production version will have a better fit and finish.

About Immortal Mics

Immortal Mics, LLC is founded in Austin TX by brothers Ryan & Brandon Turner. Our products are designed and prototyped in the USA. We are making every effort to ensure they will continue to manufactured and assembled here too. Please consider telling your friends about us and our products. We truly appreciate it.

Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner


Serial entrepreneur – previously specializing in software startups. Mechanical Engineer by education, turned Software Engineer by experience and now Co-founder and investor of Immortal Mics. Ryan’s creative problem solving skills and drive for innovation ensures Immortal Mics continue to push the envelope.

Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner


Ex US military – turned Electrical Engineer – turned Acoustic engineer. His military experience and love for audio inspired him to create a company that recreates battlefield soundscapes to aid in the treatment post traumatic stress disorder. His recordings of the battlefield were soo realistic – they would trigger the very same physical battlefield responses. This extensive battlefield recording experience aided in the co-founding of Immortal Mics.

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