What is 3D Binaural Audio?

...for the mere mortal.

What 3D Binaural Audio is NOT

Binaural audio recording is only two channels ( a left and a right ). Many surround sound technologies exist – binaural is NOT one of them. Meaning – we do not need 7 channels and a sub to create true realistic immersive experiences. We simple need some Immortal Mics and an off the shelf set of headphones or ear buds for playback. That it. There is no post processing, digital signal processing or magic computer software.

Most often foley sound engineers are attempting to mix channels in an effort to replicate how you would normally hear. Often its convincing – but its all fake. Computers are getting closer and closer to giving a more realistic effect as well. However – true binaural – is recording binaurally (two microphones) and playing back in headphones (two ears).

Final tricky part about binaural. Is that the term is often used to simply denote requiring two ears. Some audio called binaural beats exists to trick the brain into different moods like relaxation or meditation. This is not to be confused with 3D binaural.

Whats is 3D Binaural Audio

“Binaural” – means two ears.

Guess what if you have working ears you are binaural. Congrats! Lets assume you aren’t a pirate – you are also binocolar (two eyes). In the same manner two eyes are needed for our brain to have visual depth perception. Two ears are required to have soundscape perception.

So in this manner we are able to record in the same manner your ears normally hear. So that when we play it back to you it sounds as though you were really there!

Sample 3D Binaural Videos

Some random test video – comparisons and the like.

Sample 3D Binaural Recordings

Just some random recordings to aid in the understanding of 3d binaural recordings.

3D Binaural Haircut

by This is a classic.

Battlefield Binaural Recording

by Take Note - Explicit Material. (Its war)

Thunder in Binaural

by Binaural Recording from Brandon's Porch

Farm Binaural Recording

by Farm in North Georgia

Happy Birthday to Ryan

by from His family ­čÖé

Bongos Binaural Recording

by You are the drummer.